Custom Printed Noodle Boxes

With the rapid development of the fast-food industry, there have been advances in the packaging and serving of food as well. People have different preferences when it comes to food and there is no sure-fire way to understand what customers would prefer. Some people prefer to order their food in plastic containers while others detest plastic and simply like the cardboard boxes because the plastic when heated could be harmful to human health.
There are also people who would prefer to eat their food out of containers and focus on convenience. On the other hand, some customers would specially go to a restaurant instead of a takeout, for fine dining. It is perhaps the biggest reason for the rapid growth of the food industry and more specifically the take out and the food industry. With everyone on the go people order food for takeout more than dine-in. With the trend for the take-out food, the use of the food boxes has also increased exponentially.

    Food fast food industry

    Every restaurant and the fast-food joint have their own take-out boxes that they use to send the food out to customers. These boxes are typically white take-out plastic boxes but some food joints have capitalized on these boxes as well. These boxes have become so much more than just a liability for the businesses.
    Noodles are the staple food for many eastern countries, and since the popularity of the eastern culture around the world, food lovers all around the world have tried the noodles of different categories. Every country in Asia has their own type and technique to cook noodles from scratch.
    It is definitely a tiresome process to make, cook and store the noodles in the boxes until people eat or buy them. There are many other ways for the whole world to enjoy the noodles that are so popular in Asia. Cardboard and plastic boxes are a major factor in promoting and exporting this staple food to the other countries.

    Different vendors and noodle styles

    With the popularity of noodles around the world people have developed their own versions of noodles. There are countless categories and styles of noodles that are served in different styles. Some are dry while others are served with broth or soup. For all of these styles of noodles, there are many different styles of containers as well.
    These noodle boxes by Custom Buy Boxes not only help in storing the noodles but also during the export process. One of the most famous style of noodles are the instant noodles that can be obtained in any part of the world. The idea behind these noodles is simple and it is intended to be eaten instantly when taken out of the box. These noodles are dry and requires the person eating to only add the hot water in them to make them edible.
    For the people to do this it is important that the box that they are eating in is safe and leak proof. For this reason, the vendors have made use of special or custom-made boxes to store the noodles in. These custom-made boxes are the product of many experiments and have used several materials in their making. These materials can be PVC sheets, corrugated cardboard boxes and even the heat resistant material.
    The packaging of the noodle boxes is done while keeping all the factors in mind. These boxes could have the printing of different shapes and designs to represent some message. In this case, the message could be the promotion of the culture and the businesses. The ideas behind the printing are only limited by the imagination. With the CMYK printing techniques, the vendors can create the custom-made noodle boxes to ship or deliver their noodles in.
    These boxes are important for the valued customers and even the vendors. The appearance of the box could make or break the image of the business. If there is an accident during the time that the food is delivered or the customer is eating out of the box, there are zero chances that the customer would order from that same restaurant again.

    Value-added products

    Some of the vendors and businesses believe in goodwill and they like to offer something extra with their food. It creates a sense of hospitality and the customer remembers that business. Adding a something extra in the packaging of the noodle boxes can be beneficial in the long run for the businesses. It might seem like an extra effort but it could be something that brings customers back for more food.
    Considering this some of the vendors have used the ideology of printing hidden designs and labels in their products. They would add coupons and tickets in their packaged boxes for the customers to redeem. These boxes by Custom Buy Boxes can be printed using the regular ink or even the raised ink for more appeal. The custom boxes for the noodles can also include the gifts more attention like the chopsticks and the fortune cookies.
    These boxes can be custom made to make sure that they can secure and hold the product during the delivery to any place that it is sent. For the longer delivery routes and the overseas exportation, there are bigger boxes that can be used. These boxes can be custom made with better quality cardboard. These boxes can be designed with e flute corrugated cardboard. The design for the export boxes can be like bux board.
    Using the quality materials in the making of the boxes ensure that they are ready for the export quality. There can be no accidents when the product is exported in bulk. As for the customization of the boxes, it is only important to customize the box that the customers would interact with. The customers usually buy the noodles pack in single units or several single boxes.
    The noodle packaging that the customer sees should have the details and brand logo of the company. It will save both the time and resources of the business. Packaging the smaller boxes within the larger boxes is worth the trouble because it will help with the sales and the customers would be more interested in a printed package rather than a simple colorless package.

    Sustainable boxes

    Just as the fast-food industry has made the noodles available in all sizes and shapes, their packaging is also available in different sizes. For the noodles that are stored dry, they stay on the grocery store shelves long time. If there is excess of the product it is possible that these products could be expired and for this reason must be discarded. In order to deal with these situations, the best solution is to produce the custom boxes as the sustainable boxes that are ecofriendly as well.
    These boxes should have an expiry longer than the food items that are stored inside it. If it is not done so the food items would become inedible because of the plastic or the container that expired before it. The custom boxes have to have their own expiry so that they can be used or recycled later on. Having the boxes that are ecofriendly gives the customers a better incentive to choose that product instead of all the others on the same shelf.
    This sustainable packaging not only attracts more customers; it also makes sure that the landfills sites are not burdened even more. The world is already facing the consequences of the plastic packaging and boxes that are not biodegradable in the land. The custom-made boxes for the noodles can be a part of the bigger picture by employing the skills needed in making an environment friendly packaging for the valued customers.

    Market share through boxes

    After considering all the perks for the custom-made boxes for the noodles there are certain factors that would benefit the businesses as well. These boxes are certainly an extra work for the small-scale vendors and they may need to spend more to create these boxes. For the businesses and the restaurants, it is no hassle, and they can just order the boxes without caring much about the costs as buying in bulk would not cost them as much.
    For the small-scale businesses and the vendors, it is possible to lose some value first and then gain the profits. This can be countered by planning for the advertisements and then using the custom-made boxes for the benefit of the business. If the vendors have to absolutely use the custom-made boxes, it is best to use them to advertise the food and the business as well.
    It should be no surprise in this day and age where there is an advertisement everywhere we look at. The boxes can have the owner information and the logo of the vendor in big bright fonts and colors. The more the colors and the ink is used, the more attraction it would create and the customers would be forced to read the label on the outside before going for the food. If the packaging is not appealing to the customer, they would simply pick any of the products without discriminating.


    Box StylePunch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
    Dimension (L + W + H)All Custom Sizes Available
    Quantities100 – 500,000
    Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
    PrintingPlain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors
    FinishingGloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling
    Included OptionsDie Cutting, Gluing, Perforation
    Additional OptionsEmbossing, Window Patching, (Gold, silver, Copper, Red, Blue Foil Stamping)
    ProofFlat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)
    TurnaroundStandard Turnaround Time:
    After getting the artwork approved, it takes 5-7 business days for producing the box and further 5-7 business days for the shipment to be conveyed. While in the case of corrugated boxes and folding cartons the turnaround time is between 15-22 business days which include 10-15 business days for the production of boxes and 5-7 business days for the shipping to reach your doorstep. When talking about rigid boxes the production time is increased to 25-30 business days and so is the shipping time from 25-35 business days.
    Expedite Turnaround Time:
    Once the job is sent for production after the approval of artwork the production time for corrugated boxes and folding cartons is 8-10 business days whereas shipping requires 5-7 business days. In case of rigid boxes, the expedited turnaround time varies as per the quantities and will be quoted accordingly.
    ShippingShip Flat, Packed in Boxes, UPS, Fedex, DHL

    Artwork Guideline

    If your graphic files do not meet our specifications, Blue Box Packaging will not be charged for any resulting typographical errors. Read our artwork preparation to prepare your files for submission, or contact us for help from a packaging specialist!

    Cut & Crease Line (Red Lines):
    Displays the section in its final size and where the box should be folded.. Important graphics and text should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line.

    Bleed Line (Blue Lines):
    Indicates where the drain section is located. All graphics that run up to the cut line should be extended to the cut line for a transparent print.

    Safety Margin(Green Lines):
    Specifies where to safely place illustrations and text. As an industry standard, all graphics should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line unless your design is intended.

    Perforation (Dotted Black Lines):
    The perforation line refers to paper punched with very small holes to make it easier to tear and fold the paper.

    Order Process

    01 Choose your order
    Choose your order Search our curated library of custom cardboard boxes, packaging and other custom printed products and compile an inventory of products that may be suitable for your project. Make sure to mark your favourite products or add them to your cart with all your custom sizes and options to keep track of what fascinates you. Once you have made your selections, you can submit your quote request to begin your entire packaging journey. Alternatively, if you’re trying to find something that you simply can’t find in our library, you can visit our Get a Quote page and submit a custom quote.

    02 Request a Quote
    Once you have sent your quote request through our Add to Quote Cart or Request a Quote page with all your product specifications, our product specialists will get started on preparing your quote. Simple quotes can be ready and sent back to you in as little as 1-2 business days. For more complicated projects that require custom structural or material sourcing may take longer. Your dedicated product specialist will reach out to you to keep you connected throughout the entire packaging process.

    03 Place Your Order
    Place Your Order Once you have received your quotation from our product specialist, please review it to ensure that all of your quotation details are correct. If you have any further questions about your offering, always contact your product specialist for more information. If you are satisfied with your offer and can continue, pay through our secure payment portal, which our product specialists make available to you. As soon as your order has been placed, our designers will quickly prepare your individual dielines!

    04 Get Your Custom Dielines
    Get Your Custom Dielines After your order is placed, a floor line or artwork template file is required for your artwork to be placed. For single floorboards, our designers can prepare your file in 1 to 2 working days. However, more complex structures would require additional hours and design costs. Most of our custom Dieline files contain structural information that we can use to create a 3D digital model of your packaging after you put your artwork on the file. This allows you to preview your packaging before production to make any necessary changes or corrections.

    05 Prepare Your Artwork
    Prepare Your Artwork Designs Let your creativity run wild, because now is the time to design your works of art on our custom floorboards. Be sure to follow the illustration guidelines in our general illustration guide to avoid startup issues. When your graphic is ready, upload your updated file to your product specialist. Our specialist graphic designers will review your designs and create a 3D digital model of your packaging for you to review before starting to manufacturing/producing your order.

    06 Begin Production
    Begin Production Once you’ve approved everything, your packaging production begins! During this phase, our product specialists will keep you up to date with production and shipping updates!


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