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What Do You Know About Perfume Boxes Wholesale Importance?

If you want to make your brand distinguished in the market, you must know the importance of Perfume Boxes Wholesale. Being a player in the cosmetic industry, you cannot ignore the factor of perfume packaging boxes. Perfume packing plays a key role in the decision-making of customers. Along with the fragrance, texture, and long-lasting effect of your perfume, you need to care for perfume packaging. It is a fact that most people just buy perfume because of its packaging.

Another thing you must keep in mind during the first introduction of your product to the consumer is how your products look. If your packaging attracts his gaze, there are better chances that he/she will open the bottle to smell the perfume. However, perfumes are the most usable item throughout the world. People use perfumes on a daily basis after regular baths, before going to work or to meet another person. Perfumes are also known as the most romantic gift for your beloved. In this blog, we will discover some of the facts about perfumes that we challenge you not to know before.

11 Wow facts about perfumes that you must know!

  • The word perfume was originally derived from the Latin word per fumum which means through the smoke. Firstly, these are Arabs and Romans who made perfume 2500 years ago. The Arabian Bakhoor fragrance for clothing has always been fashionable. 
  • A woman named Tapputi is the first person who makes perfume. It is recorded that she made perfume through scent extraction techniques. The study shows that the first perfume industry was laid 4000 years ago on the island of Cyprus. Egyptians adapted perfume as part of their culture 3000 years back. They make perfumes by crushing herbs, plants, and flowers. They also invent glass vessels in order to keep safe scent oils in them. 
  • The perfumes which have Jasmine, Ylang ylang, vanilla, and ginger have the quality to seduce other people. These types of perfumes are called aphrodisiacs which cause sensual attraction. A Queen of Egypt Cleopatra used this type of perfume to seduce Mark Antony about 2000 years back.
  • The perfume has top, heart, and base notes which cause changes in the fragrance of the perfume. The top notes of the perfume are long-lasting. Heart notes offer an herbal and floral smell. However, the base notes are more long-lasting than others. These are made up of amber, wood, and musk. 
  • The chemical compositions of perfumes change with time. Once you open the bottle of the perfume, it would be best to use it for around 3 to 5 years. 
  • Keep in mind that external factors like humidity, sunlight, and temperature affect the perfume composition. You must store the perfume in dark and dry places.
  • Perfume has a great impact on your mood. You can experience that you feel relaxed, confident, and sexy after applying perfume. Some of the fragrance keeps you energetic and motivated throughout the day.
  • You will be surprised to know that perfume smells different from one another. The reason is different skin pH so their effect varies on different types of skin. The same scent on the skin of a sportsman, smoker, or drunk smells different. 
  • If you want a long-lasting effect of perfume, you must apply the perfume on the main pulse, neck, behind the ear, and behind the knees. When you apply perfume on your wrist do not rub it as it will alternate the smell.
  • You can also apply perfume to your hair to feel fresh and smell good. But do not apply the perfume directly to the hair. Spray the perfume on a brush and brush your hair to feel the magic. 
  • All the perfumes around you are unisex. There are no strict rules that sweet scents are for women and woody for men. It is up to you which fragrance you like the most. Whether it is written on a perfume that is male or female, do not hesitate to buy if it goes best with your personality.

Why should you gift perfume in custom perfume packaging to your loved ones?

Exchanging gifts is the best way to strengthen your love bond. If you are going to give someone special, perfume is the ideal gift. Whatever the occasion is whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine, giving scents and perfumes glorify your relationship. Make the experience of receiving a gift from your beloved one special by packing it in a customized box. 

In the customized box, when the perfume is packed in a box of his/her favorite color you are concerned, the gift will be shown as great. Also, his/her printed name in elegant graphics on the perfume box will enhance the beauty of the gift. Your beloved one shows off your love by displaying that perfume box on her dressing table. 

However, custom perfume packaging is also good for storage purposes. The sturdy and durable boxes can be stored as long as you want. If you are sending a gift from far away, the perfect packaging helps in the safe transportation of the perfume. The delicate bottle of the perfume remains protected during the transporting process. 

Do your perfumes need the best perfume packaging solutions?

When a buyer goes to the store, there are multiple options of perfume present in front. If the perfume packaging is dull and unattractive, there are chances that it does not grab customer attraction. However, when you pack your perfumes into vibrant and glossy wholesale custom perfume boxes, more eyes get attracted. In this way, you will experience a boost in your sales.

Similarly, online buyers have no option but to smell the fragrances of your perfumes. They actually choose your perfume because of its authentic and beautiful custom perfume boxes. So pack your perfumes in sturdy boxes that they will deliver to your customer’s door safely. When they find their product perfect at their place, you will get high rates and reviews on the website.  

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